Joe Biden vs Bernie Sanders
Let's see what sets them apart

Joe Biden
Bernie Sanders
Joe BidenPolicy (tap for more)Bernie Sanders
DownplaysExistential Climate ThreatRealizes
ApproveFull support for costly Iraq WarOppose
ApproveFull support for costly war in AfghanistanOppose
ApproveGutting Social Security and MedicaidOppose
ManyGaffes and FlubsClean
SortaGreen New DealApprove
OpposeLegalize marijuana federally and stop incarcerating non-violent offenders Approve
OpposeNo campaign finances from billionaires, only small donor donationsApprove
OpposeNo campaign PAC moneyApprove
OpposeEnd the filibusterApprove
OpposeEnding US military interventions abroad and endless warsApprove
OpposeBan all frackingApprove
OpposeEnd private prisonsApprove
OpposeBreak up the too big to fail banksApprove
OpposeMedicare for allApprove
OpposeExpanding social securityApprove
OpposeStudent debt reformApprove
OpposePolitical campaign finance reformApprove
OpposeSignificantly reduce military spendingApprove
OpposeWorker ownership to create corporate accountabilityApprove
OpposeRepealing the Patriot ActApprove
ApproveSupport of NAFTA - the job-killing China trade billOppose
ApproveSupport TPPOppose
OpposeLet all prisoners voteApprove
NoAbolish BillionairesPretty Much
OpposeConsider eliminating the electoral collegeApprove
ApproveEliminate Capital PunishmentApprove
OpposeEnact a wealth taxApprove
Almost noneYoung voter supportLots